Using Story-telling for Career Assessment

Using Story-telling for Career Assessment

Story-telling (also called narrative analysis) is one tool that I use with clients as an empowering, easy, effective way to draw out significant skills, knowledge and values that may otherwise lie beneath the surface. Stories help uncover the informally learned skills and knowledge as well as those gained through formal methods. I’ve learned that how we spend our time in social activities, volunteering and hobbies are equally as important as formal learning and on-the-job experiences, especially for developing soft skills and diverse knowledge.

Identifying, naming and clustering skills and knowledge from client stories can be enlightening and empowering. Identifying beliefs and values can be challenging to do because they are often deep and personal. Some people are consciously aware of their beliefs and values. For others who are not so aware, recognizing commonalities or themes across their stories is the key to uncovering and articulating deeply-held personal values and beliefs.

Through narrative analysis, I help my clients look up into the abstract/big picture and chunk down into specifics, repeating as necessary, to reveal meaning. Finding meaning in work leads to greater life satisfaction, and can even lead to better physical and mental health.

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