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Find the work that’s right for you

Find yourself, wherever you may be. Deciding on a career that fits “you” and finding the right path to get there is one of the most challenging yet worthwhile things a person can do. There are very many different kinds of careers and new occupations created every day–it can be overwhelming to consider what you’ll be good at and what you’ll like. I can help.

Formal Online Assessments & Informal Exploratory Exercises

I’m qualified to administer a wide range of personality, interests, aptitudes, skills, and strengths assessments.

Have one in mind? Please ask.

Not sure what you need? Let me find one that’s right for you.

Using interviews and assessment, I can help you find suitable career options

• Clarify your dreams and values

• Take a personal inventory of your skills, experiences, strengths, weaknesses, goals and interests.  Explore who you are in-depth

• Assess your personal qualities to better understand yourself and help you clarify your unique attributes

• Analyze and research the job market

• Explore your suitability for a wide range of career options

• Find the important information you need to uncover career options that fit best for you

•Identify the skills you already have and the skills you need to develop or acquire

High School Students

Choose the Right Path

This is the ideal time to start planning a career by exploring your career options, researching occupations and dreaming big!

Recently Graduated

Unsure what Direction to take?

The current work landscape presents many challenges. Let me help you to navigate your way.