Marilyn keeps up-to-date with trends in the labour market, tracking economic conditions and stays on-top of the requirements and qualifications for many different occupations.

It certainly is a different world of work today than when I started my career.

I like the metaphor, career as a mountain, because today’s career climb requires trekking your own path and creating your own opportunities rather than finding a well-worn, direct ascent to the summit. Many traditional career paths are almost non-existent now. The terrain has changed.

Yet, with endurance and the right well-honed skills and strengths, everyone can reach their summit by choosing the mountain and path that provides an appropriate level of challenge and motivation.

Designing your path. Planning your development. Knowing what skills you need. That’s where I can help.

With more than 20 years of experience as a human resources professional, I’ve worked with people in hundreds of different occupations across several industries including manufacturing, professional services (legal, accounting, financial and HR consulting services) and corporate retail.

I became familiar with a wide range of positions at all organizational levels and developed an in-depth understanding of what employers look for and what it takes to succeed in various jobs and business cultures. To complement my experience and HR designation, I completed specialized training in career development at Conestoga College.

I love helping others and would love to help you navigate your career. It takes confidence and courage to dream big and progress to your “pinch me to see if it’s real” moments and resiliency to pick yourself up and carry on during the “who moved my mountain?” moments.

So, whether it’s exploring new mountains, overcoming on-route challenges, finding the right mountain to climb, reaching a plateau, or picking up after a fall–count on me to be your career mountaineering Sherpa.

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~ Marilyn Porter, CHRL